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Please read ALL of the following before posting to these forums; it will help you get the best from them!

How To Post

After clicking on the New Post or Reply buttons a window will pop up with various fields to complete. These should be completed as follows: -

Title: Please enter a summary of your question. If you are replying to an existing post this field will be automatically completed for you.

Author: Please put your name here, and please use the same name in all your future posts to these forums.

Email: Please leave this field blank. It is not required, and withholding it will help protect you from receiving unwanted spam email etc.

URL: Please use this only if you want to direct someone to a particular website which is relevant to either your question or answer.

Message: Please ask your question or give your reply here. When asking a question please provide all relevant supporting information. For example with a PC problem state which Operating System you are using and any other relevant specifications.

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