Numark TTUSB turntable

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Numark TTUSB Turntable



USB output makes digitising your collection of vinyl straightforward

Once on your PC its a simple matter to create your own CD or transfer to your MP3 player

Stereo minijack input allows digitisation of cassette tapes and other analogue media

10% adjustable pitch control

Phono output can be set to line level

Comes with the excellent Audacity software application

Audacity is a free application so you can download the latest version online

PC and Mac compatible



Construction of the base is a little plasticky



Availability: Nevada Music Phone: 023 9220 5100



Price:  £139.00 inc. VAT



Star Rating: 7.5 Stars  A simple to use solution, although better quality results can be achieved by using a better quality conventional turntable and a PC with a quality phono input.