Ricoh R7 Digital Camera

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Ricoh Caplio R7 digital camera



8.2 MegaPaixel sensor for high resolution

7x Optical zoom

28mm wide angle capability makes it easier to fit groups of people and buildings in, when you cant easily move further back

200mm telephoto capability brings distant subjects much closer than almost any camera of this size

Optical image stabilisation

Face detection technology

Generally solid build quality

Small and slim design

Large 2.7-inch screen

More controls than you would expect on a camera of this size or price

Picture noise reasonably well controlled

Very good value for money



Autofocus often hunts before locking on, particularly at the telephoto end of the lens

Quirky physical design lacks the elegance and finish of the Canon IXUS 860 IS

Worringly, there is some slight movement in the screen at the back

Flash can struggle to correctly expose subjects brought closer by telephoto lens

Lens makes slightly off putting/concerning noise when camera is switched on


Summary  This is probably the most highly specified camera of this size and price available. Ricoh have done an amazing job of fitting a 7x optical zoom into a camera of this size. However issues, such as hunting autofocus, inelegant design and slight movement in the screen mean that Ricohs R7 is not quite the world beating camera it should have been.


List price: 199.99 inc. VAT

Competitive Internet Price: c 169 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 7 stars  Something of a curates egg. You may go for this cameras massive 7x optical zoom, 28mm wide angle capability and affordability; or you may go for the less well specified, more expensive but better designed Canon IXUS 860 IS.