Apple iPod Nano (2nd Gen.)

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New iPod Nano (Second Generation)



Now available in 8GB version capable of storing around 2,000 songs (previous max was 4GB)

Also available in 2GB and 4GB capacitiy versions

Cheaper than First Generation ipod Nano

New headphones give slightly improved audio quality

The colour display is somewhat brighter than the first generation Nano

Wider range of colours available (see below)

Up to 24 hours of playback on a single charge

New iPods have anodised aluminium bodies with curved edges (similar to the now discontinued iPod Mini) and seem to be made from a single piece of metal

Centre of the scroll wheel is now indented for improved tactile feedback

Very stylish unit (even the box is stylish)




As with all iPods, no built-in radio or recording capability

The signature white headphones could make you more of a target for muggers

No mains adaptor provided so charging via USB only

Case colours may fade over time



2GB model only in silver

4GB model in silver, pink, green or blue

8GB model only in black

This is quite clever marketing (read sneaky) as the cheapest and most expensive models can be identified at a glance by their colour.


List Prices:

2GB model = £99 inc. VAT

4GB model = £129 inc. VAT

8GB model = £169 inc. VAT


8GB model represents the best value for money (if you use the extra capacity).


Star Rating: 8.5 Stars  An evolutionary improvement from the original iPod Nano at a cheaper price.