MobiDV Pocket Camcorder

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MobiDV H10 Pocket Camcorder



Records movie clips and stills

Can double as an MP3 player and a handheld voice recorder

Slim, pocketable design

Has its own light for videoing in the dark

Swivelling lens mechanism (rotates through 230 degrees)

Supplied USB cable allows device to act as an external drive

Can play back directly to a computer or a television set




Limited video quality (640x480 @ max 15 fps or 320x240 @ max 30 fps)

Still images are limited to only 2 Mega Pixels

No optical zoom

Lens is fixed focus so closest focal length is 0.8 metres

Build quality isnt great

Doesnt come with a memory card

At best quality a 512MB memory card  (costing c £27 at todays prices) stores only 25 minutes of video


Cost: £139.00 inc. VAT from The Gadget Shop


Star Rating: 5 Stars - A fun gadget, but in terms of quality its a jack of all trades, master of none..



Product Dimensions:

Weight: 87 g without battery

Length x Width x Height: 103 x 62 x 16 mm (Body)