Griffin AirClick for iPod

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Griffin AirClick for iPod


This range of gadgets add wireless remote control to your iPod. There are four separate variations which together provide compatibility with most iPods although apparently not the Nano.



Remote suitable for personal use or in the car

Remote uses radio frequencies (not infra red) so line of sight is not required

Buttons include: Play/pause, skip forward, skip back, volume up and volume down

Plugs into headphone socket at top, leaving base connector free for other use

Works very well



Adds to the height of the iPod

Steering wheel strap could have been more flexibly designed to allow optimal positioning on a wide range of steering wheels

Apparently no support for the Ipod Nano



Price: c £24 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 8 Stars  Adds to the usefulness of your iPod


Additional Info: -


Four separate packages are available for the AirClick:


Remote Control and Receiver with Dock Connector for iPod

Remote Control and Receiver for iPod

Remote Control and Receiver for iPod mini

Remote Control and Receiver for Mac and PC computers


AirClick mini is made for:

iPod mini


AirClick is made for:

iPod Photo

4th Generation iPod with Click Wheel

3rd Generation iPod with touch wheel and buttons


AirClick with Dock Connector is made for:

5th Generation iPod with Video

iPod Photo

4th Generation iPod with Click Wheel

iPod mini