Seagate 5GB Pocket HD

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Seagate 5GB USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive


This 5GB pocket hard drive enables you to carry up to 80 hours of digital music, 2,500 hi-res photos, 13 hours of digital video or hundred of word processor, spreadsheet and other file types with you wherever you go.



5GB of storage is generous when compared to most flash memory based USB thumb drives

Cost per GB of storage cheaper than a 4GB flash based USB thumb drive

Drive is host powered i.e. it is powered from the USB socket

USB 2.0 interface makes full use of the 1-inch, 3,600RPM with 2MB cache hard drive inside this unit

Drive features a short retractable USB connection cable

Password protection for Windows users

Two year warranty

Novel yo-yo style design



Less compact than flash memory based drives

Retractable USB cord is slightly fiddly and may fail in time

Device has moving parts making it potentially more prone to eventual failure



Competitive Internet Price: c £58 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 7.5 Stars - Those requiring more than 4GB of storage in a pocketable device should consider a Seagate Pocket Hard Drive; although you may wish to wait for the soon to be launched 6GB and 8GB drives.