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Review of the Week

Review of the 4Shared File Hosting Service


This is a great service for anyone who wants to share their files with others. The 4shanred file hosting service allows you to upload your files on 4shareds servers so others can download them. No need to email huge files anymore; simply upload the file and then email the link.


Free service

There are a number file hosts out there providing a free service, but this is the best one Ive found yet. Here are the key features that make this the best free service Ive seen


Total storage space = 1GB

Maximum file size = 50MB

No bandwidth limit, and

Minimum transfer speed 100 kbps

The files remain available as long as you login at least once every 30 days (some other free services require that re re-upload your files every week, which is a real pain!



If you need more storage capacity, larger file sizes or faster download speeds then there is a range of tariffs available ranging from $48 per year for the Silver to a $5000 per year for the mighty Enterprise package.


Star Rating: 9 Stars - Excellent free package, plus a wide range of paid for packages to choose from when you needs increase.