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Mesh desktop PC


Core specifications

Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad processor (Q6850 3GHz)

RAM: 4GB (3.25GB recognized)  (OCZ DDR2 333)

NVIDEA GeForce 8800 Ultra (768 MB DDR3 memory)

Hard drive capacity: 2TB (4 x 500GB Samsung SATA II drives)

Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate  32 bit

Logitech G15 gaming keyboard

Monitor: 24-inch Iiyama Prolite B24003WS  native resolution 1600 x 1200



Extremely powerful PC  Power CPU, bags of memory and hard drive space

Mesh provide a very wide choice of well chosen top components

Use more standard components than Dell PCs making maintaining and upgrading a more viable proposition

Makes Windows Vista fly in a way that most PC owners can only dream of

Monitor has DVI input, also swivels through 90 degrees





System is noisy in operation



Star rating: 8.5 stars  Mesh provide a great deal of choice when specifying your PC. A good British system builder, who provide a welcome alternative for those who would prefer not to buy Dell.