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Roberts Gemini 49 FM RDS/DAB digital mains/battery radio



Can receive both DAB and FM broadcasts

Can be powered by mains (adaptor supplied as standard) or 6 x AA batteries

Built-in battery charger means that the AA rechargeables can be charged inside the radio when radio is plugged into the mains  this is an excellent feature

Excellent build quality  high quality buttons and knobs

Large, clear bright display

Good sound quality for a unit of this size

Small and stylish (iPod white)

Headphone socket for stereo listening

Ten preset memories

Automatic clock set

Well priced



Only one speaker means mono listening except when listening via headphones

No AM reception


Price: c £59.99 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 8.5 stars  An excellent flexible, high quality radio at a very fair price. Well done Roberts!