Sonos Bundle 130

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Sonos  BU130 Wireless multi-room music system

The new Sonos Bundle 130 allows music lovers to wirelessly play and control music in two rooms of the house. The music can come from your computer (PC or MAC) or from a network drive containing your MP3 and other audio files.


This bundle is comprised of three high quality components; the Sonos ZonePlayer 80 (ZP80), Sonos ZonePlayer 100 (ZP100) and the Sonos Controller 100 (CR100). The ZP80 can be connected to to an existing stereo or home theatre receiver to make it part of your digital music system. The ZP100 has a built-in amplifier and so can be connected directly to speakers and placed in any room; and the wireless CR100 controller allows you to control your music from any room in the house.



Ease of set up

Ease of use thanks to the Sonos Controller 100 included

Quality of components

Uses its own wireless Network

Recently reduced by some 20%



Audio only, no support for video files

Not cheap



The new pricing for the Sonos Digital Music System is as follows:

Sonos Bundle 130 - £699

Sonos ZonePlayer 80 - £249

Sonos ZonePlayer 100 - £349

Sonos Controller 100 - £279

Sonos Charging Cradle 100 - £29.99

Sonos Loudspeaker 100 - £129


All pricing includes VAT.


Star Rating: 8 Stars  A quality wireless sound system, which whilst not cheap can really enhance the way you consume music around your home.