iriver B20 DAB/FM/MP3

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Iriver B20



Nice 2.4-inch QVGA screen

DAB tuner with support for Electronic Programme Guide

FM tuner with recording capability

Can listen via headphones or via small built-in speaker

Very small and slim compared to other less well specified portable DAB players

Simple and intuitive user interface

Available in !GB, 2GB and 4GB models

Memory can be expanded via MiniSD card

Supports a wider range of formats than iPods including MP3, WMA, Ogg, MPEG-4, and WMV9

Built-in DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcast) receiver  although there are currently no DMB broadcasters in the UK

Voice recording capability



Proprietary USB/charger socket and cable

Built-in speaker is a little on the quiet side and somewhat tinny

No case provided

Doesnt support DivX or XviD video formats

Doesnt support AAC or FLAC audio formats

Not cheap



1GB model = £149 inc. VAT

2GB model = £169 inc. VAT

4GB model = £209 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 8 Stars  Excellent choice for those wanting a very small DAB/FM receiver with music and video playback capability. Expensive if you dont want the DAB capability.