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Windows Mobile 5.0 Operating System for PDAs and Smartphones


Windows Mobile 5.0 Operating System is the current version of the Windows Mobile. This operating system, running on an appropriately equipped PDA or Smartphone, allows you to send and receive emails, browse the Internet, and work on Mobile versions of familiar Microsoft Office applications. Windows Mobile 5.0 has been improved in a number of ways over its predecessor.


Benefits of Windows Mobile 5.0

Persistent storage means you dont lose your data if the battery dies

Excellent synchronisation with Microsoft Windows PCs via Microsofts ActiveSync 4.0 software

Improved User Interface including one handed operation

Improved Microsoft Office Mobile applications: Outlook Mobile, Word Mobile, Excel Mobile

Improved Internet Explorer Mobile browser

Now includes PowerPoint Mobile for viewing PowerPoint applications

Useful Pocket MSN Messenger

Context sensitive Soft Keys are now, found on Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs (not as before just on the Smartphones.

Supports Voice over IP telephone calls

Improved security including on device password enforcement

Supports various screen resolutions up to VGA (640x480)

Currently available in over 40 form factors


Star Rating: 8 Stars - Windows Mobile 5.0 represents a significant and very welcome enhancement over previous versions. Whilst not perfect, the future for this platform is bright.