Apple iPods 30GB & 60GB

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Apple iPod: 30GB and 60GB models



Stores loads of songs

Can playback video clips

Nice sharp colour screen

Available in white or black


Easy to use

Syncs with Apples very usable iTunes software for PC or Mac

Slim and lightweight considering their capacity




Doesnt support the most common video formats

Doesnt support common audio formats such as WMA

2.5 inch screen too small to make for comfortable viewing

No built-in radio

No built-in microphone

No recording capability at all

Unit scratches very easily yet no case is provided as standard




Differences between 30GB and 60GB models

60GB model can store twice as much music and video

60GB model is thicker and heavier

60GB model has longer battery life




30GB = £199.98 inc. VAT from eBuyer

60GB = £270.24 inc. VAT from eBuyer


Star Rating: 8.5 Stars  Excellent personal audio players, but look elsewhere if video playback is your prime consideration.