Eton S350 DeLuxe Radio

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Eton S350 Deluxe SW/FM/AM Radio



Receives Shortwave, AM and FM wavebands

Shortwave allows you to receive broadcasts from all over the world

Good sized speaker gives solid sound

Comes complete with closed back paddedstereo headphones

Distinctive 70s Military retro styling (youll either like this or not)

Large LCD display

Leather handle

Digital clock with built-in alarm and sleep timer

Can operate from batter or mains (adaptor included)

You can choose AA or D batteries

Comes in choice of Black or Metallic red




Build quality is somewhat plasticky

No presets to store your favourite radio stations

Mono speaker (need to use headphones to listen to FM stereo)

Not cheap


Price: £89.95 inc. VAT available from Nevada

Web address:



Star Rating: 7 Stars  A uniquely retro designed SW radio whose styling you will either love or hate.




AM 530-1710 KHz

FM 88-108 MHz

SHORTWAVE - continuous coverage from 3 to 28 MHz. This includes 13 international broadcast bands. 11, 13, 15, 16, 19, 22, 25, 31, 41, 49, 60, 75 and 90 meters.

Highly sensitive and selective analog tuner circuitry

Digital frequency readout

Liquid Crystal Display, LCD, for frequency and clock.

Digital clock with selectable 12/24 hour format.

Wake-up timer (use as radio-play alarm clock).

Power failure backup feature.

Sleep timer.

Main Tuning knob and independent fine-tuning control knob

Variable RF Gain Control

Rotary volume control

Variable, independent bass and treble control

Low-pass filter for shortwave and AM reception

Left/Right line level outputs (stereo in FM)

Stereo/mono switch.

Earphone socket.

Strap type carrying handle.

Built in telescopic antenna for FM and shortwave.

Built in ferrite bar antenna for AM