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JumpDrive ID

The JumpDrive ID remembers your Web Favourites, usernames and passwords to simplify your life without the need to remember login information, instead relying on fingerprint recognition for authentication.



256MB storage

Read speed: 12MB per second

Write speed: 6MB per second

Dimensions (including cap): 87.1mm x 23.5mm x 12.2mm



Replaces the security of multiple website passwords with reliable  fingerprint recognition

Stores your web site login information

Stores your browser favourites

Protective cap is attached and cant be lost




Only supports Microsoft IE

Not a very high capacity by current standards



Typical Price: £59 inc. VAT

Star Rating: 8 Stars - An interesting and unusual product


Lexar JumpDrive Traveler


Allows you to carry your Internet settings, email and address books with you from machine to machine

Can browse the Internet without leaving a trace on the computer itself

Good for Internet Café use



Not a very high capacity by current standards

Some Internet cafés may not allow you to use the device


Price c £57 inc. VAT

Star Rating: 8 Stars  Useful for those who use more than one machine