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Standby Buster Starter-kit from Ivy Energy Saving Limited


Too many devices dont have a proper off switch and instead go into standby mode. It is estimated that leaving household electrical appliances on accounts for around 7% of our electricity bill.


In practice physically plugging and unplugging all your standby devices on a daily basis is not practical; particularly as the mains sockets are often hidden away behind furniture or otherwise inaccessible.


This remotely controlled energy-saving mains socket that allows you to effectively unplug and re-plug your various devices all with the press of a button.



Environmentally friendly (approved by the Energy Saving Trust)

You could save around £40 a year from your electricity bill

Savings will increase as electricity prices continue to rise

Uses RF technology (not infrared) so will work even when the socket is obscured by furniture

One remote can control up to four Standby Buster sockets

Sockets can be switched on and off manually (without the remote)




May need to budget for trailing multi-sockets to separate the device to be switched off from those to be left on



Starter-Kit: £14.99 inc. VAT (Remote + one socket)

Value Pack: £29.99 inc. VAT (Remote + three sockets)

Additional Socket: £8.99 inc. VAT

Additional Remote: £8.99 inc. VAT


Availability: From and ASDA stores from September 2007.


Star Rating: 8.5 Stars  This simple to use, effective and affordable device can help save you money and maybe the environment too