Apple iPod Hi-Fi Kensington SX2000

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Apple iPod Hi-Fi



Good sound quality

Supplied with remote

Built-in remote receiver

Can run from batteries

Optical and analogue input

Charges iPod whilst in use




Doesnt act as a computer dock

Stereo separation of sound is limited compared to separate stereo speakers


Star Rating: 8 stars  Good sound but at a high price. Some will prefer to pay less, whilst others after the best sound quality will opt for a stereo dock to link it to their existing HiFi system.


Kensington SX2000




Novel design using NXT flat membrane speaker technology

Good sound for a device of this size and cost

Small footprint





Single membrane design compromises stereo separation of sound

Charges iPod whilst in use

No remote control facility

No optical audio input

Mains only operation


Star Rating: 7 Stars  Good value for money and a stylish design. Kensington missed a trick by not making this a wall mountable design