Executive Laptop Kit Men's Grooming Kit Talking Pedometer

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Executive Laptop Kit

Includes: -

A mini optical mouse with a retractable USB cable,

A retractable 8-ft Ethernet cable.

Stereo headphones with rubber ear-buds and a retractable cord

A USB powered LED lamp with clip-on holder

Measures approx. 19cm x 14cm x 4cm



Mouse is cute and optical

Ear-bud design helps reduce annoyance to others whilst blocking out some of the extraneous noise of travel

Smart case makes for a good looking gift



Retracting mechanisms are a little temperamental

Build quality only average

Mouse is a tad too small for comfortable extended use

Coiled cord on LED lamp is too short

Items only have a 90 day warranty


Price: £30 inc. VAT from Gadgetshop


Star Rating: 5 Stars  A novel gift in a convenient case, but there are better examples of each item available when bought separately.



Men's Grooming Kit

Kit Includes: -

Rapid Groomer

Fingernail Clipper

Toenail Clipper

Razor + 3 Blades


Nail File

Nail Scissors



Manicure Tool

Zipped Leather Case



Price: £20 inc. VAT from Gadgetshop


Star Rating: 8 Stars  Genuinely useful grooming kit which encourages chaps to look their best. Good value at £20, a nice gift.




Talking Pedometer

This gadget keeps track of how many steps you've taken and the distance you've travelled and then on request speaks this information to you. There are also seven tunes which adjust their tempo to the rhythm of your pace. You can also set four alerts to time your workout.


The unit clips to shirt or waistband. The information is displayed on the LCD screen.

Batteries are included.


Price: £15 inc. VAT from Gadgetshop


Star Rating: 8 Stars - One step up (ouch!) from your run of the mill (ouch again) pedometer. Fun and it might even help you stay healthier