Seagate Portable Hard Drive Pure PocketDAB 1500 radio

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Seagate USB 2.0 80GB Portable Hard Drive



Takes its power from USB socket so doesnt require an external power supply

USB 2.0 interface maximises the performance of the drive

Drive is 5400 RPM, rather than the slower 4200 RPM used on some other devices

This 80GB drive has an 8MB cache (as opposed to 2MB) to optimise performance

Quiet operation

Shock absorbent enclosure

Range of capacities from 40GB to 160GB

Units contain high quality, reliable Seagate drives

Compatible with both PC and Apple Mac




The higher capacity drives are more desirable

The 40GB model and one of the 80GB models have only 2MB cache

5400 RPM drives are not as fast as one of the 100GB drives which has a 7200 RPM drive



Cost: c £90 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 8.5 Stars  First class portable external hard drives




Pure PocketDAB 1500 DAB/FM Portable Radio



Portable and lightweight (123g)

Supports both DAB and RDS FM

Includes quality Sennheiser MX 300 in-ear headphones

2000 mAh ChargePak battery pack (included as standard) gives up to 24 hours of use per charge

Comes complete with mains adaptor

Nice bright screen

20 Preset memories (10 for DAB and 10 for FM stations)

Text Scan feature allows pausing and other control of scrolling DAB text

Good price




No option to take standard batteries

Build quality is somewhat average


List Price: £89.99 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 8 Stars  A stylish anodised aluminium finished portable DAB with good battery life