iriver U10 multifunc. player

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iriver U10 Multifunction Player



Lovely 2.2 quality colour screen

Supports a wider range of audio formats than Apples iPod

Can play video files

Easy to use user interface

Has a built-in FM tuner

Can record from the FM tuner or the built-in microphone

Small and stylish

Optional docking station with built-in speaker, line-in, line-out & infrared

remote control is available



Only a 1GB version is currently available (2GB version due in January 2006)

Line-in recording only available via optional cradle

Video playback only supports avi files encoded as MPEG4 SP



1GB version c £129 inc. VAT

2GB version c £190 inc. VAT



Star Rating: 8 Stars  Gives Apple iPods a good run for their money but would like to see a 4GB version. Good choice for those requiring FM radio, microphone or recording capabilities.