Sony DCR-VX2100E Sony HDR-FX1

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Sony HDR-FX1

This is Sonys first High Definition HDV 1080i camcorder.



High Definition 1080i capability


Can switch between HDV and DV formats

Uses standard MiniDV tapes which are cheap and widely available

Has three 1 Megapixel CCDs giving excellent picture quality

Excellent Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens

12x Optical zoom lens

Firewire in and out

In addition to full auto mode there is.

Manual zoom and focus

Manual Gain, Iris, Shutter speed, White Balance and Audio level

Solid build quality

Good ergonomics

People get out of your way when youre filming as they assume youre a pro camera man/woman!





Could do with a shoulder mount

Not cheap


List Price: £2,699.00 inc. VAT

Competitive Internet Price: £2,089.00 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 9 Stars  Not designed for consumer domestic use; more for the enthusiast or semi-pro. This is an excellent video camera, with very little to fault it. It really gets those creative juices flowing..

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