Magellan eXplorist 100

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Magellan eXplorist 100


This newly introduced handheld GPS device represents the entry level unit in a range of three. Lets be absolutely clear about one thing from the outset; this is not the sort of Satellite Navigation system youd use in your car. This is a simpler device, designed for use by rugged outdoor types not wishing to get lost whilst exploring the great outdoors.


The eXplorist 100 can store up to 500 waypoints, 20 routes and 3 track logs with up to 2,000 points each.


Track logs are the high tech equivalent to leaving a trail of breadcrumbs as you go, they are logs of where youve been, useful if you want to find your way back home


You can also record the position of your own points of interest. These can be everything from the precise location of your favourite fishing spot to where you left your car!





Accurate to within 3 metres thanks to WAAS/EGNOS technology

Backlit display

Attractive design


Two year warranty



Screen is grey scale, not colour



Dealer price: c £125 inc. VAT


Star Rating: A rugged entry level device for rugged outdoor types.