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Kensington MicroSaver security cable


New thinner lock fits most slim notebook computers and LCD projectors, TFT monitors, CPUs and scanners.



A sleek new version of the original MicroSaver.

Microsaver's T-bar mechanism fit into a slot built into 95% of notebooks, TFT Monitors, LCD Projectors and CPU's

Easy to install with no unsightly components stuck into your notebook.

Loop the 1.8 metre cable around a fixed object and introduce the lock into your notebook

Approved by all major notebook manufacturers.

Available in master key and like key options


Price: RRP £34.99 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 8 Stars


Kensington Twin MicroSaver security cable


Secure up to 2 pieces of computer equipment

Lock two pieces of computer equipment (Notebook, Flat Screen Monitor, LCD Projector, Docking Stations, CPUs...) by inserting the locks into the Kensington Security Slot

Strongest locks, just like the original Microsaver with T-bar theft protection

One lock slides along the 2.2 m cable to allow adjustment of distance between two units

Small size of the lock doesnt give thieves space to grips lever and break the lock out of the slot


Price: RRP £49.99 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 8 Stars




Roberts RD-14 Sports DAB/FM Personal Radio



Small (65mm x 95mm x 23mm (wxhxd) and lightweight (105g)

Picks up both DAB and FM radio stations

Large LCD display

RDS station name display on FM Stations

Runs off standard AA batteries

Auto shut off (30, 60, 90 min)

Mains adaptor is supplied as standard

Automatic time/date setting on both FM and DAB



Batteries dont last very long so rechargeable NiMH batteries are recommended

Not the most attractive design



Price: c £100 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 7.5 Stars  Also check out the offerings from Sony and Pure