Norton 360 all-in-1 security

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Norton 360 All-In-One Security


Norton 360 is so named because Symantec have designed it to give a full circle of protection. It provides four categories of protection for the PC user: -

PC Security  Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Firewall

Transaction Security  Protection against identity theft - Online fraud protection for shopping, banking and other e-commerce transactions

Backup and Restore  Protects your important files from loss - can backup your files to local storage or online

PC Tuneup  PC Cleanup removes unnecessary files, Defragmenter increases efficiency of you hard drive(s)




Licence allows you to protect up to three PCs in your household

User interface designed for the non-expert user

In fact the whole suite is designed so that you can set-it and forget-it, a goal which is to some extent achieved

Excellent Anti-Spam filter  Very good at spotting spam without mislabelling loads of legitimate emails as spam

Provides tech support via online Live Chat  a great way of resolving issues

Free phone support too

Not as heavy or as clunky as some earlier versions of Norton Internet Security

Includes 2GB of online storage for backups of your data



Still not as sprightly an application as it could be, scanning incoming emails could be faster

Email scanning engine can slow down considerably, however this can be addressed by deleting temporary files and resetting the engine

User interface so simple that some of the more useful settings are somewhat hidden away, frustrating for the experienced user


List Price: £59.99 inc. VAT  Licence covers up to 3 machines per household


Star Rating: 7.5 Stars  All Internet security suites have their strengths and weaknesses, non are perfect, and Norton 360 is no exception. However, it does provide wide-ranging and solid cover all with a single user interface. The fact that this software is somewhat less bloated and resource hungry than the previous one or two generations is welcome; but Symantec must continue this trend to make the next generation an even lighter load on our PCs.