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HTC Touch Dual Touchphone




Uses Windows Mobile 6 Professional Operating System

Syncs well with Microsoft Office applications including Outlook

Slim and stylish design

Has a physical slide-out keypad

Nice 2.6 inch touch sensitive screen

Provides a novel and interesting iPhone inspired user interface instead of standard Windows Mobile interface

Supports fast HSDPA 3G connectivity

Plays back MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, and WAV files

Supplied with stereo headphones as standard

Bluetooth 2.0 compliant

MicroSD card slot



Amazingly, no WiFi capability

Disappointing to se that the main camera is only 2 MegaPixel

A full QWERTY keyboard would have been far better than the 20-key QWERTY provided



Cost: ranges from c £260 to Free depending on the contract you take


Star Rating: 7 Stars  Better underlying technology than Apples iPhone, but the user interface which is inspired by the iPhone, is nowhere near as intuitive