Toshiba Gigabeat MEGF20

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Toshiba Gigabeat MEG-F20 portable music player


This device has a 20GB capacity which allows it to store up to 5,000 songs



Excellent screen which is both large (2.2 inch) and clear

Good 16 hour battery life

Good solid build quality


Supports MP3 (VBR), WMA and WAV audio formats

Can also be used to view Jpeg images

Can be charged by mains adaptor or USB cable (both supplied)

Compatible with Napster and Napster To Go

Comes with direct to player CD ripping software (bypasses PC hard drive)




Unlike iRiver devices the Gigabeat cant record audio and has no built-in FM tuner

Not as intuitive to use as Apples iPod

No inline remote control

No belt clip

Requires Windows XP

CD ripping software only rips to WMA format (not MP3)



Cost: c £180 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 7 Stars