TomTom Navigator 5 SatNav

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TomTom Navigator 5 Bluetooth

Satellite Navigation System for use with PDAs


Now has full postcode navigation

Allows you to select either the shortest route or the fastest route

Allows you to specify journey by car, bicycle or on-foot

More road names appear on screen during the journey

Newly designed Bluetooth wireless GPS receiver provides increased battery life (10 hours, up from 6)

Bluetooth GPS receivers increased sensitivity means that you can have the device in your pocket whilst travelling on foot or by bicycle

Can now view the route before you actually start driving

Can navigate to addresses already stored in your PDAs address book

No need to buy additional memory card as one is supplied already

Simple installation from SD memory card supplied

Supports TomTom PLUS Traffic and Weather information systems (One month free trial included)




Some of the mapping errors remain uncorrected from previous version


Competitive Internet Price: c £197 inc. VAT

Upgrade software from previous journey: 59 Euros (currently equivalent to around £40 sterling).


Star Rating  9 Stars  An excellent Satellite Navigation System for PDA users, with many of version 4s weaknesses addressed.

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