Sony CMT-NEZ7DAB Sony XDR-M1 Sony CDX-DAB6650

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Gadgets of the Week - DAB systems

Sony CMT-NEZ7DAB Micro System



Includes AM/FM as well as DAB tuner

Has CD and audio cassette

CD player can play back MP3 files

CD player can play back CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs

Very affordable




Build quality is a little too plastic (understandable given the low price)


Internet price: £119.24 inc. VAT and P&P (from


Star Rating: 7 Stars  Great value for money.



Sony XDR-M1 Compact DAB/FM Walkman with remote control and Mega Bass



Good quality sound for a unit of this kind

Features DAB and FM tuner

Receive DAB signals on Band III and Band L (Band L is used in France and sometimes in Germany)

Can runs on a pair of AA batteries as well as mains



Only 10 hours use from a pair of alkaline AA batteries

Screen is difficult to read without pressing the Backlight button



Price: £114.98 inc. VAT and P&P (from


Star Rating: 8 Stars



Sony CDX-DAB6650



Features FM/MW/LW and DAB tuner

Has built-in CD player

Mp3/Atrac3plus playback

Comes with remote control as standard

Detachable face plate


Good value for money





£229.99 inc. VAT and P&P (from


Star Rating: 8 stars (based on specs, full review evaluation to follow)