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QuickSeek FM Transmitter for iPod


This device allows users to listen to their iPods on their car (or even home) FM radios.



QuickSeek technology selects the clearest (least cluttered) frequency to use for the broadcast link from the iPod to your FM tuner

Works with all full-size iPods including the iPod Nano

Car adaptor can power the transmitter and charge your iPod at the same time via mini-USB

Can be used without the car adaptor, with transmitter being powered from the iPod

Simple and convenient to use

UK legal

Two year warranty




Transmitter power is a tad weak, making unit susceptible to interference

Optimal frequency may not stay optimal for long as you drive into new areas and encounter new stations

Not cheap


List price: £49.99 inc. VAT

Competitive Internet price: c £37 inc. VAT



Star Rating: 7 stars  As with all such transmitters, although convenient the audio quality achieved is not as high as that of a wired connection.