One For All Kameleon 6

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One For All 6 Kameleon (Second Generation)  URC 8206

This multifunction remote control unit can replace up to six of your home entertainment devices including TV, VCR, DVD, SAT/Cable (including Freeview Boxes) and HiFi.



Very stylish aluminium and touch panel design.

Macro functionality enables any sequence of commands to be performed by pressing a single button

Includes learning feature to add any functions not transferred from original the remote

Built-in modem allows unit to be upgraded with codes for new devices.

Upgrading can be done by phone or Internet download

Plus the buttons light up when unit is used.

The buttons most relevant to your currently selected device illuminate

Illumination makes device easier to use in the dark

Keys do have a genuine action to them



Chrome finished appears somewhat smudged after handling

Electroluminescent touch panel is not as tactile as conventional buttons

Be prepared to spend some time setting this device up properly.

Size and design of unit may mean you prefer to operate this remote using two hands.

Battery charging cradle is an optional extra


Featuring pre-programmed codes and a learning capability it allows great flexibility in configuring it to meet your domestic setup. However you must be prepared to put in the time required to achieve optimal configuration.


Price: £69.99 inc. VAT (RRP)

Typical Internet price: £53.45 inc. VAT



Star Rating: 8 Stars  A wonderfully flexible and stylish design which is a pleasure to use once configured.