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Gadget of the Week

Seagate FreeAgent Go 160GB -


FreeAgent Go software lets you carry your programs, your browser favourites and passwords without having to haul around your computer. Now any PC can temporarily become your PC. FreeAgent Go data mover saves all of your private information on itself, not on the computer youre using. It also provides file encryption to protect your content and lets you sync your files from several PCs. It includes a five-year limited warranty.


- Take your desktop environment with you including web browser, favourites, passwords, IM client and contacts, email client, cookies, settings and files

- Save all your private information on FreeAgent, not on the computer youre using

- Keep your most current data with you  synchronize data from your most frequented PCs

- Protect against unauthorized use with encryption for sensitive files

- Leave no trace of your last session on a borrowed computer

- 5 Year limited warranty

- USB 2.0 Interface


Price: c £105 inc. VAT