Sony DCR-HC32E

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Sony DCR-HC32E

Sony launched this MiniDV camcorder in February 2005.



Good quality image

Has a 20x Carl Zeiss optical zoom lens

Has a 2.5 inch touch-sensitive fold-out screen with duplicate buttons for Zoom and Record

Utilises MiniDV digital cassette tapes which are cheap and ubiquitous

Intuitive and easy to use

Controls are well laid out

Solid and well built

Features FireWire In and Out

Has USB video streaming capability

Features Night Shot mode

Has a MemoryStick Duo card slot for recording still photos




Supplied battery can provide as little as 30 minutes of recording. Budget for a second high capacity battery.

Whilst the screen is colour, the viewfinder is monochrome

The FireWire and USB connectors are on the docking bay

Could be a little cheaper



Competitive Internet Price: £349 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 8 Stars - This small digital MiniDV point and shoot camcorder strikes an impressive balance between size, ease of use, and quality.