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Abacus Caller ID Watch


Bluetooth link to your mobile notifies you of an incoming call, text or MMS message

Smart blue OLED strip Caller-ID display shows the number or name of the caller

Push a button the watch once to silence the ring of the incoming call

Push a button the watch twice to reject the incoming call

Alerts you when you move out of the range of the Bluetooth link (approx 10m)

This alert could alert you to the theft of your phone, although the thief would have a 10m head-start!

Good build quality

Stylish albeit bulky design

Water resistant

Available in a choice of black rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet



Will currently only link to Sony Ericsson Bluetooth phones

Watch is bulky

Watch needs to be recharged every 5 -7 days

Not possible to conduct the call via the wristwatch

Not cheap

Not suitable for underwater use


Cost:£149.99 for Stainless Steel Bracelet version

£119.99 for Rubber Strap version

Star Rating: 6 Stars  A novel idea, built into a quality watch but will only be of interest to users of Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Users of Apple iPods should consider the Gear4 BluEye gadget instead.