iRiver PMP-140

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iRiver PMP140 Portable Media Player


This brand new product from iRiver was announced on 13th October 2004. It gives you the ability to watch movies, listen to and record music, listen the radio, act as a digital voice recorder or view your latest snapshots on the move.



3.5 Colour screen, 260,000 colours

Supports a wide range of audio formats MP3, ASF, WMA and WAV

Supports a wide range of video formats AVI in MPEG4, DivX and XviD

Can view e-books

40GB of storage capacity (20GB version also available)

Built-in FM radio tuner

Can output to TV

Can record music (via line-in) directly onto the hard drive with no need for a computer to encode the audio first

Built-in microphone for digital voice recording

Real-time clock includes a music/radio alarm function

Has a USB 2.0 port for ultra fast data transfer

Has a USB 1.1 port (host) to connect external equipment such as digital cameras (USB on-the-go)



I needed to read the manual; use of the device is not as intuitive as it should be.

Device is not as stylish as some

Case is rather sickly in colour and not ergonomically brilliant


Price (RRP): £449 inc. VAT for the PMP140 (40GB), or £399 inc. VAT for the PMP120 (20GB).


Star Rating: 8 Stars  Advanced functionality but user interface should be more intuitive.


Other Features

Linux based

Weight: 299g

Dimensions: 139mm x 84mm x 32 mm (L x W x D)