Roberts Sports DAB/FM Apple 20-inch iMac

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Apple 20-inch iMac computer



Excellent 2 GHz dual core Intel Core Duo processor

Excellent built-in 20 inch TFT flat screen (1680 x 1050 resolution)

Nice all-in-one design

250GB SATA hard drive

Built-in DVD rewriter

Built-in iSight webcam

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth

Built-in stereo speakers

Features an ultra fast Gigabit Ethernet connector

Comes complete with iLife 06 multimedia software suite

Complete with Apple remote for lifestyle applications

Its not a PC



Its not a PC

Many applications have not yet been converted to run natively on the Intel processor, meaning these applications need to be interpreted by Rosetta and therefore run slowly.

These machine should really come with 1GB RAM rather than the standard 512MB provided, this would help performance.

No Firewire 800 port

Not cheap



Price: c  £1,200 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 8 Stars  A stylish, powerful lifestyle tool, fair value if you shop around.



Roberts RD-14 Sports DAB/FM Personal Radio



Small (65mm x 95mm x 23mm (wxhxd) and lightweight (105g)

Picks up both DAB and FM radio stations

Large LCD display

RDS station name display on FM Stations

Runs off standard AA batteries

Auto shut off (30, 60, 90 min)

Mains adaptor is supplied as standard

Automatic time/date setting on both FM and DAB



Batteries dont last very long so rechargeable NiMH batteries are recommended

Not the most attractive design



Price: c £100 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 7.5 Stars  Also check out the offerings from Sony and Pure