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Apple iPod 80GB



80GB capacity capable of holding some 20,000 songs in Apples AAC format (or perhaps around 120 CDs as uncompressed .wav files)

Up to 20 hours of music playback (compared with 14 hours for 30GB iPod)

Up to 6.5 hours of video playback (compared with 3.5 hours for 30GB iPod)

Nice bright 2.5 inch colour display

Apple Mac and PC compatible

Solid and robust feel

Good ergonomics

Comes with slim slip cover as standard

Available in a choice of black or white



Cant record music directly into the iPod (only transfer pre-encoded files from a computer)

No built-in microphone for use as a voice recorder

Will be a tad to chunky and heavy for some

0.55 inches thick (compared with .43 inches for the 30GB model)

157g in weight (compared with 136g for the 30GB model)

No mains charger provided as standard (charged via USB instead)

Only available in a choice of black or white (iPod Nanos are available in a much wider range)

Headphones only available in a mugger attracting white



Price: c £225 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 8.5 Stars  Evolutionary improvement over the preceding Ipods