Acer CR-8530 - 8MP camera Star Wars Lightsabre

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Acer Cr-8530 Digital Camera



8 MegaPixel sensor (very high picture resolution)

Large 2.5 inch high quality screen

Uses affordable SD memory cards

Features a 3x optical zoom lens

Features a USB 2.0 connector


Solid build quality

Stylish black aluminium finish

Comes complete with leather case

Comes complete with 64MB SD card

Has optical viewfinder with dioptre adjustment for eyeglass wearers

Cheap compared to other 8 MegaPixel digital cameras

Amazing spec for the price



Not from a mainstream digital camera manufacturer

Accessories such as second batteries are harder to find


List price: £199 inc. VAT

Typical Internet price: £185 inc. VAT


Star Rating:8.5 Stars  Acer, best known for its computers and computer peripherals has produced an amazingly affordable compact 8 MegaPixel camera. This camera is a challenge and a wake-up call for the big boys of digital camera manufacture!