Netgear WGT634U WMR Antec NotebookCooler

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Netgear WGT634U 108 Mbps Wireless Media Router



Allows you to plug in an external USB (2.0 or 1.1) drive or USB memory drive for remote access to your files e.g. MP3s or photos without needing any particular PC switched on

Provides fast 108 Mbps wireless networking

Features a comprehensive (NAT & SPI) firewall

Provides a greater wireless range than 11g and 11a wireless standards

Best suited to users of cable broadband



ADSL users will require an ADSL modem with an Ethernet connection to the PC

If attached USB drive is formatted using NTFS (rather than FAT32) then the drive can be read but not written to via the network.


Competitive Internet Price: c £89 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 7 Stars  this units special feature allowing USB drives to be plugged directly into the router, is not well implemented due its limitation on writing to NTFS drives.