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Gadget of the Week

The HouseParty 24/7 iPod clock radio from Gear4


This unit from Gear4 is on the face of it similar to the iHome iH5 reviewed in December 2006. However, there are some important differences



Excellent sound quality from the 2.1 speakers

2 x 6W Stereo plus a built-in 12W subwoofer (much louder than iHomes iH5)

Amazing volume levels for a unit of this size (much louder than iHome iH5)

AM/FM radio with presets (iHome iH5 has no presets)

Credit card sized remote provides excellent control including a menu button

Built-in alarm clock with two alarms and snooze function

Charges your iPod as you listen

Great value for money

Available in a choice of black or white



Buttons are not illuminated for night time use (unlike iHome iH5)

Display not as large as iHome iH5

Display viewing angle not great from

Slight pulsing noise can be heard during silence between iPod tracks (nothing serious)


Star Rating: 9 stars  Another great device from the Gear4 stable. Despite some very minor niggles, this device outperforms the iHome iH5 in most important respects.