Apple iPod Nano 4GB

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Apple iPod Nano 4GB




Lightweight and slim

4GB is generous for a device that uses flash memory rather than a hard drive

Colour screen

Comfortable headphones

Also available in 2GB and 1GB models

Available in a choice of white or black (Personally I much prefer the black)

Integrates nicely with PCs and Macs due to Apples iTunes software

Being an Apple iPod it has a huge range of third party add-ons available




Lacquered surface is easily scratched, should be used with a case

Screen size (1.5 inches) limited by the size of the device

4GB is the maximum capacity available for the Nano. Hard drive based iPod go up to 60GB.

Doesnt support WMA (Windows Media Audio) file

No recording capability

No built-in radio

Headphones not available in black

Some might think the Nano to be a little too small and light.


The 4GB Nano can store up to around 1,000 songs. Although as I preferred  to store some tracks at a higher quality than that assumed by Apple, I was only able to store around 400 songs in the 4GB model.


Other than a slightly annoying scratching of the lacquer coating; I didnt encounter any of the of screen damage problems widely reported with the Nano.


Online Prices: -

4GB model: c £170 inc. VAT

2GB model: c £127 inc. VAT

1GB model: c £  99 inc. VAT


Star Rating: 8.5 Stars  A design icon at an affordable price. Hard to resist.